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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Story of Jesus in Pictures
Full Color
Coloring Book
September Discount

The discount code can be used in September for 20% off the entire order. The graphic for that is below and linked on the blog.

The Story of Jesus in Pictures--full color on the inside--is now close to perfection and available on

Norma Boeckler has done a remarkable job in creating beautiful illustrations for teaching children the message of the Gospel. Notice that there is a second version with the same drawings in black and white only. They were the line drawings used for the final color version.

The captions are identical in the two books, aimed at children and people learning English as a second language.

One of our non-Lutheran friends was disappointed with the full-color book. She wanted the coloring book version for herself and her granddaughter, which is now almost perfected. I needed to add the Small Catechism to create enough pages for now. Soon I will add lessons instead, so the book can be used in Sunday School and VBS. The extra pages were needed for the binding. My daughter-in-law Tammy asked for lesson material.

You can look up the free PDF versions here. Let Norma Boeckler know how much you appreciate her work on the books and the blog by posting a comment. You can also email me and I will add that.

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