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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jesus, Lord of Creation - In Color - Now Published

This graphic is the cover art, which Norma Boeckler designed, along with all the illustrations inside.

Here is the Lulu storefront ordering link.

This is Norma Boeckler's website for the book.

I dreaded wrestling with the cover design software at Lulu, but one of the options was easy to use and provided explicit, clear instructions on making the graphic fit the cover.

Any PDF will contain the illustrations in their original color. I decided to make the printed version full color. However, I discounted the book to make it reasonable. All the books (except Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant) are non-profit, as much as Lulu allows. CLP also has a separate discussion guide.

The PDFs are all free and can be shared without fear of litigation, confiscation, or altercation.

If someone needs a number of CLPs, I can arrange a special price. I get the author's wholesale price and I can have them shipped directly from Lulu.

LPC, from Extra Nos, made an excellent suggestion for Justification. When that is completed, I will post an announcement. That will be very soon, since this is the fallow part of the teaching year. Relatively few classes are taught in January.

I expect a printable version of Justification to be ready in a week or so.

I have several improvements planned for Justification, so I will be labeling each edition and changing the title page somewhat to show the difference. If I wait for everything to be done and perfect, the manuscript will be in my estate rather than my Lulu Storefront.

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