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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Martin Chemnitz Press - Free PDF Downloads

Gregory the Theologian
Order print copies of the books here.

This will be the file for free PDF downloads. I will update them as editions (like Justification) are improved.

The software is from Dropbox, which is free. You do not have to have it downloaded, but if you want to know about Dropbox and get invited to join, contact me at my email address =

The files are in a public folder, so I link each file and anyone can save and read the file. Publishing firms with millions of dollars will not do this.

Liberalism: Its Cause and Cure

Jesus Priceless Treasure

Angel Joy

The Story of Jesus in Pictures

Luther versus the UOJ Pietists: Justification by Faith

Jesus Lord of Creation

The Wormhaven Gardening Book

Thy Strong Word - English only edition

Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant

Discussion Guide for Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant

College Students - Tips for Success

Moline High School 1966 - The Class the Stars Fell On

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