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Monday, January 18, 2021

The Modular Book of Concord from the Lutheran Librarian, Alec Satin

Graphic by Wolfmueller. Has he read more than this in Chemnitz and Luther?

The Book of Concord, 1580, is an imposing volume. The Triglotta version made it even heavier, with tiny print serving as an eyesight test.

May I be frank? Most clergy own a lot of books, but they do not read a lot.

The clown in the video poses and postures below a mountain of untouched books. Kittel? Is he kidding us? He uses a Greek 101 New Testament, a pony, with the English on one side and the Greek on the other. See one of his recent manic videos - where he cannot even read the cue cards and get his confused message across.

The main point is - Rev. Chatterbox has no grasp of the Gospel at all. He is a shrieking OJ copycat of his fanatical, Calvinist Pietist seminary professors. 

The Universalists among you need to read this, since they are Confessional Lutherans. Ha!

Back to the main point. The most portable Book of Concord is the Tappert, scorned by the Objective Justification crowd. They remind me of the boy who visited our house. He said, "I am not allowed to dance. But of all the dances I am not allowed to do, the Moon Walk is my favorite." And he was good.

They do not read or study the Book of Concord in Lutherland, no matter what the synod. The ELS makes a big point of teaching in rooms with Triglottas, but they still enforce Justification without Faith - with Enthusiasm

The Solution is the modular Book of Concord, published by 

Print volumes are portable and easy to read for the elderly like me. The online copies are handy for searching and copying important passages.

Large Catechism - we can expose false doctrine published by the OJ Universalists.

I learned Luther's Large Catechism because I had the ALC volume of the LC alone. I read it here and there and startled when someone made claims obviously against Luther's sermons as confessions.

Read about the crypto-Calvinists. As one translator wrote, "They are not crypto (secret) anymore." Has anyone done a health and wellness check on him?

Ask Pastor OJ if he has ever read this, especially the part on Justification by Faith.
He will apologize, clear this throat, and mumble something.

I would give this first, among all the modules, to any Lutheran. 
These are Luther's sermons, crafted to be confessions for all Lutherans.
WELS calls the Book of Concord "boring and irrelevant." No, it is especially relevant for a sect known for alcoholism, adultery, and cross-dressing.

The Formula of Concord is a clearly written Biblical commentary on the issues dividing Lutherans. Read Article III - The Righteousness of Faith. The Biggies in your synod do not know, comprehend, or teach this - but they label themselves as Confessional Lutherans, Orthodox Lutherans, Bronze Age Lutherans. They are Seminexers who knew they could not win on that odious label, so they used Church Growth as their cover story.

The Small Catechism, plain and simple, without the accumulation of garbage used to make it "better" and "more understandable."

Friday, November 6, 2020

Alec Satin's Print Books and Free PDFs

Abraham Lincoln address by Watterson

Henry Watterson's address about Lincoln is the latest printed book from the Lutheran Librarian (print books) and also in the Lutheran Library Publishing Ministry (free PDFs). This is only $3.95 printed.

Lutheran Librarian Print Books, Amazon - Author's Page Link
- 83+ books


Lutheran Library Publishing Ministry Website - 267+ works - Searchable

Compendium of Lutheran Theology

Schmauk and Krauth are my favorites in fighting for Luther's Biblical theology in their age of Calvinists pretending to be Lutherans - not only in the Missouri Synod but also in their counterparts from the General Synod split. 

The General Council rejected the revivalism and Calvinism of the General Synod.

Now we have the same thing in the new LCMS-ELS-WELS union, purring and drooling over Objective Justification, which is little different from ELCA's. But they are joined at the wallet anyway, with all their covert work through Thrivent's pro-abortion money machine.

Compendium of Lutheran Theology

Schmauk's work was the swan song of the General Council, a beautiful work before the successful work of his group and seminary led to the loosey goosey United Lutheran Church in America merger of 1918.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Luther's Galatians on Audio Gutenberg YouTube and Blog

Travis and Lauren Cartee

The Audio Gutenberg Blog has all the recordings of Luther's Galatians on the page linked.

Galatians is Luther's finest work, along with the Small Catechism.

On YouTube, this is the headquarters of Audio Gutenberg. Subscribe to the series and like the videos in increase its visibility.

The Solid Declaration of the Formula of Concord

III. The Righteousness of Faith

6] This article concerning justification by faith (as the Apology says) is the chief article in the entire Christian doctrine, without which no poor conscience can have any firm consolation, or can truly know the riches of the grace of Christ, as Dr. Luther also has written: If this only article remains pure on the battlefield, the Christian Church also remains pure, and in goodly harmony and without any sects; but if it does not remain pure, it is not possible that any error or fanatical spirit can be resisted. (Tom. 5, Jena, p. 159.)

67] Concerning what is needful furthermore for the proper explanation of this profound and chief article of justification before God, upon which depends the salvation of our souls, we direct, and for the sake of brevity herewith refer, every one to Dr. Luther's beautiful and glorious exposition of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Galatians.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Essential Books for Lutherans

Lutheran Librarian print books are found here.

Lutheran Library ebooks are found here.

A large collection of free Lutheran books and sources can be found on this Ichabod the Glory link.

Luther's Sermons, Lenker Edition, can be navigated here on Ichabod the Glory.

The link for live and saved Ustream worship services and educational programs are found here.

Every time you click on a link, an angel plays "A Mighty Fortress" on the harp.

Someone asked me for a list of best books to read in theology. This is what comes to mind.

Luther's Sermons, Lenker edition, for regular reading, one per week at the least.

Luther's Galatians Lectures. The editors of the Book of Concord recommended it. Those OJists who have not studied it should be "deprived of food, driven out of town, baited with dogs, and pelted with manure." (Luther, Large Catechism)

Luther's Large Catechism. There is no evidence that anyone in the Synodical Conference has read this, let alone studied it.

Melanchthon's Apology of the Augsburg Confession. The section elaborating Justification by Faith is an example of clarity and Biblical eloquence.

Chemnitz' Examination of Council of Trent. For those who want to become theologians, this is perfect for content and for learning his method.

Augustine is rather difficult, but a good introduction to his work is his Confessions. The City of God is more of an encyclopedia, but worth having and looking into.

John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress should be read, heard, studied, enjoyed. He loved Luther's Galatians, so I would put him above the entire Synodical Conference in doctrinal discernment.

Henry Eyster Jacobs, A Summary of the Christian Faith. He teaches Biblical, Lutheran doctrine with clarity and genuine Biblical references.

Krauth, The Conservative Reformation. His barbs against false teachers are almost equal to Luther's.

Theodore Schmauk,The Confessional Principle. He was the last, lost voice of the Muhlenberg tradition (General Synod, General Council) - teaching against compromise with the Calvinists.

Matthias Loy's Doctrine of Justification is a clearly written treatment of the subject.

The Error of Modern Missouri is an excellent, but lengthy treatment of Walther's effort to inject even more Calvinism into the Synodical Conference.

Lenski's Commentaries are so good, ELCA will not let them go. WELS always says, "Lenski is not good on Justification," which means - "He teaches Justification by Faith, which we attack and abhor at every opportunity."

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pope awards Dutch abortion activist distinguished medal | Churchmouse Campanologist

Pope awards Dutch abortion activist distinguished medal | Churchmouse Campanologist:

"Honestly, you can’t make this up.

Thanks to my Lutheran cyberfriend, the Revd Gregory Jackson from Ichabod, I discovered that Pope Francis has awarded a Dutch abortion activist with a distinguished medal.

For anyone thinking, ‘I’m not a Catholic, no need to worry’, if you’re in any one of the following Lutheran synods, Revd Jackson warns (highlight mine):

The UniSynod Loves This Pope – ELCA-WELS-ELS-LCMS-CLC (sic)

His post has the link to the relevant Breitbart article from January 17, 2018, excerpted below (emphases mine outside of the first paragraph):

Pope Francis has conferred the title of “Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great” on Lilianne Ploumen, a Dutch politician and vocal agitator for abortion rights."

'via Blog this'

Publishing Updates on The Sermons of Martin Luther

Norma A. Boeckler is currently illustrating Volume VI of Luther's Sermons. I get to make another try at editing the volume before it goes to Janie Sullivan and Amazon-Kindle.

Volume V was delayed a bit by Amazon, so I am just getting to the orders now, and sending the third box to Africa. This time they will get all of Luther's Gospel Sermons from the set (I-V). Soon, all will be done with the Gems volume added.

Virginia Roberts is editing Volume VII, and I am sending her a partially edited Volume VIII to her for editing.

Planned already and already started:

  1. Luther's Two Catechisms.
  2. An Ichabod Lutheran Dictionary.
  3. A Brief Commentary on the Gospel of John.

This is going to be a doctrinal teaching year, so Romans 1-5 in English and Greek will be taught weekly after Easter, using Ustream. Other potential classes on video will be Catholic, Lutheran, Protestant, etc.

I will create a Facebook page or pages for the video classes, so they can be used later.

 Loehe's other seminary is Wartburg
in Iowa: ELCA with a vengeance.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Norma Boeckler's Those Days on the Farm

Those Days on the Farm

Those Days on the Farm - Norma A. Boeckler - Print Version

Those Days on the Farm - Norma A. Boeckler - Kindle e-Book

 Norma A. Boeckler is our artist-in-residence
at Bethany Lutheran Church.

This is her art website.

A number of people have asked me, "How do you know Norma Boeckler?" That happened again in Perryville, Missouri, when the LCMS pastor asked that question. She is a member of our congregation and lives in Midland, Michigan, where we also lived for six years. However, we did not know her at that time.

Various events among Lutherans led a number of us to form an independent Lutheran congregation. Norma is not only our member, but also our artist-in-residence, designing the covers and interiors of our books, providing an endless number of Scripture illustrations for those books, the classes I teach, and her Facebook audience.

My wife Christina thought I was a city guy until I suddenly identified the inner farmer in me, during our years in Midland, 1982-1987, devoured the organic gardening books at Grace Dow Library, and began writing about the subject.

 This is Norma Boeckler's garden in Midland, Michigan.
Her Amazon page is here.

Books about growing up on a farm fascinate me, and they should interest everyone, because America was once mostly rural. I encouraged Norma to carry out her intention to write this - and soon it was done.

Those Days on the Farm is a portrait of family farming. I considered a stay at the farm of my Uncle Howard Noel and Aunt Grace quite a treat when I was growing up. The memories - and farm equipment - in this book are familiar to me and stir up  many happy memories.

Another treat in this book is not only the past but the present of the farm. Norma's sister took over the farm and transformed it in various ways, so the past has merged into the present.

The first story tells how Norma did not like milking, so her sister got to do that work. Norma stayed in to do the kitchen work, so one day her sister Marian kept ordering pancake after pancake, to get even. They still laugh about that episode.

Some memories are not pleasant. The barn burned down and Norma watched the tragedy unfold from a block away, while she was at school. A greater sadness is the loss of her mother when Norma was only one year old. From that loss came a lot of time spent drawing and the unfolding of many different creative talents.

Norma's father worked at Dow Chemical, headquartered in Midland, Michigan, and the family farm at the same time. Many with small farms did the same, keeping a non-farm job to produce cash year-around. That meant everyone had work to do, but the children growing up this way learned many skills, developed a can-do attitude, and still had time to play in idyllic surroundings.

The loss of practical knowledge about God's Creation is obvious everywhere. I bought two Salvia plants for for their appeal to bees. There were on clearance at Walmart because the poor things were almost dead. I told the cashier, "I will revive them in rainwater." Cashier, "Rainwater, as in water than fell as rain? How do you do that?" I told her, "Buckets catch the rain from the roof and I use that to revive plants and strengthen special plants." Cashier - "How does that work?" I explained, "The rain contains natural fertilizer and no bleach." She said, "Bleach?" I went on to say, "Yes, they use chlorine gas to purify tap water, but rain water is free of that and works better. Tap water is OK, but rain is the best." Cashier - "And you think that will work?"

One Midland farmer told me, "I pity the children who never grew up on a farm. There are countless lessons no one could ever teach them in school."

That is why Norma Boeckler is an artist of God's Creation. She grew up surrounded by the beauty and realities of the farm, and that became the foundation for all her work.

One of my jobs on the farm was watching the cows graze in a field without a fence several days a week. As a budding artist, I saw many interesting wild flowers and trees in the field that I could spend time drawing. Putting my imagination to work, I created pictures, using old pieces of slab wood left behind from the old saw mill. They worked perfectly as a drawing board. And I used old rotted stump pieces that had turned to chalk for drawing.

Boeckler, Norma. Those Days on the Farm (p. 3). Kindle Edition.

Most people will smile warmly as they read this book. Most of us drawing some kind of retirement had far more experience outdoors than the kids today. One neighbor shook her head in wonder at me when I walked our dog Sassy on a cold, snowing, icy day. Living in Arkansas means hiding inside until the snow melts.

Children stay indoors when it is too cold and also when it is too hot. I know the weather is perfect when children are playing outdoors. But that obscures the changes caused by the weather and lessons learned from the definite signs and warnings of Creation.

Explanations - Like the Separator

The separator machine, was a needed item on the farm that I learned how to use. It had a large metal bowl and two separate spouts, the milk would be poured into the separator bowl, and the handle had to be turned for a long time, until finally, the cream would separate from the milk and come out its spout into a cream can and the skim milk came out the other spout into another can. They call that centrifugal force.

Boeckler, Norma. Those Days on the Farm (p. 4). Kindle Edition.

I remember Aunt Grace showing me the separator on their farm. She was amused that I thought she was giving me cream on my cereal. That was whole milk! My mother loved whipped cream but she thought skim milk was better for us children. Aunt Grace learned how much I loved cream, so I  had cream on my cereal every day after that. Grace was correctly named, because she smiled all the time, patient and understanding with her city-slicker visitor.

Norma has combines her memories of the separator with its origin and the general work involving the dairy cattle. They even had a butter churn to turn the cream into butter. Photographs make the book even more interesting.

The Farm Continues
One of the best parts of the book is the continuing story of that farm, since Norma's older sister Marian bought the farm and worked it with her husband until he passed away. Now the farm itself is rented out and the new home is remodeled for current needs. The original farmhouse burned down from an electrical problem.

Valuable History
This personal history will always be valuable to Midland historians and Norma's extended family. Most of us do not have that much information about where our parents worked and grew up.

Norma's early adult life is also interesting. She met Walter Boeckler, a scientist at Dow Chemical. Together they built the home she lives in now. Walter and Norma supported Lutheran congregations in the area and generously helped the start of independent congregations.

Norma has been invaluable with all of my Amazon books, and she has a list of her own here.

Those Days on the Farm will make a wonderful gift for family and friends at Christmas. Anyone who enjoys farm nostalgia will appreciate the memories and feel the paradoxical joy and sadness of reliving those days.